Noticed on a few blogs, writers discussing books and other writers. The most amazing disconnect is that many listed writers and books are not well written. They are well marketed, but the writing is flat, not engaging. The narratives are terrible, predictable and have no redeeming value. My question is about the value and the throughtfulness of today’s writers. The same names came up again and again. Let’s leave the marketing and ‘buzz’ of what to read and think about what has value, what pushes us to think and be thoughtful. What about writers who move us, who provoke and invoke thought or emotions. What about the writers who are truly giving us the gift of a narrative?

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Young jk – thinking about what to write about next.

Young jk - thinking about what to write about next.

jk cosmos – Reflection on what to write

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Snow – Winter 2013

Snow - Winter 2013

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Hello world!

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Hello world!.

April 17, 1971 – Epitaphio – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Deep blue robes with dark folds,

Dark black hair – curling round his neck.

Penetrating blue eyes – absorbing all,

Alone – the only person in focus

As all the masses fade out in a blur.

The heavy Christ-tomb on his broad back,

His hunched shoulders bearing His burden,

The others hardly grasping on, as

He leads them forward-progressing onward.

The ceremony, gold-robes-candles glowing-

Ornaments – incense-jewels-chanting-


Stepping off the curb, with nine young girls

Nearby-sirens sounded-

Trucks screeched by – as I held on to

Three crying, frightened children-

Girls in white-angels-pure and mild and lonely

Crying children—

My candle out-and up to look and see with

Tears in my eyes his shoulders

Bearing the entire tomb of Christ, as

It tipped- and surely Christ held on

With one gentle nudge – as the masses

Swelled and children cried and the

Engines roared —unnoticed he balanced

The tomb – directed the youth and

The ceremonies continued with the chanting

Of the dignitaries; the bishop and priest –

How everyone repeats them –

He does — I do, too, for Him.

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