Going Home-

I am not a fan of ‘forced’ holidays and the connecting with family, when perhaps, no-mostly I’m not in the frame of mind to be with them.  I have, in the past, gone as far as getting tix for my sons & myself to holiday in Paris-just to get out of dinner on Thanksgiving with toxic relatives.  That was then!

Now, I find that I am courageous enough to say “No. Nope. Not this year.” and really have the authority to do so.  I can actually go along and be with those who I admire, and can have a lovely, fun dinner or afternoon sharing time and conversation with.  I can finally keep my balance.

Still not a fan of the ‘forced’ obligatory getting together.  The preferred option would be to meet with those I love and care for over the course of the year, without the fanfare, but with good food and drink, and most importantly – good cheer.

What does that mean?  Good cheer!  The hearty laugh, the smile and good intentions of being. The lightness of being!  The wonder of the connecting with others in love and light and wholeheartedness.  That!

I wish you that!


About jkcosmos

Writer, Philosopher, Social Activist, College Lecturer, Former Assistant DA & Crimnal Defense Attorney. Living a life of thoughtful contemplation and thought-provoking ideas & dialogue.
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