Bordeaux. Sunday, July 10, 2018 #jkcosmos

My room is more comfortable – air- ahhhh.  I have zero clue on what  to do or see here.  Did not do much “due diligence” and am having a late start – going to the river – but really need to organize myself and have a coffee – the coffe in France is ‘terrible for my palate’!  Too strong – too muddy.  Guess, I’m actually – discriminating on my coffee.

I’m at a cafe just a short of the river- a few more blocks to see the River.  (I do not know the name of the river, but appreciate it’s a big deal- here).

The best advise was from Guillieme – yesterday.  The pedestrian walks are fabulous-families, young lovers and old – people, enjoying and I think that’s why they’re slimmer and more attractive – as they slide-walk by.  Fluid – I see the tourists – less fluid and thicker, fatter – less attractive – slow moving.

And then there’s the smoking – wow – everywhere – smoking and the art of smoking – the gadgets – to get the tobacco – not sure what it is – but they do it with such panache.

Listening to workers at the next table – the young woman is fast-talking, smoking -thin, wearing all black -pout and very sensual. Three guys at table – all wearing black – a bit more low-key – quieter.  Well, should finish the cafe – the water and get to the River-see the sights and boats.

The studnt told me this is a safe city – no crime – in particular. Interesting. Is it one person’s perspective or is it truly the case – ahhhh – ‘A safe city.’

1:30 wlaking all around the city since 10:45 – a bit worn out and not!

People float along – rather than step-step.  Just saw a couple walk by – & it is that carried the day.  A fluffy, yellow tone Alaskan breed – tall & gorgeous.  But really it was the jaunt – the dog actually was on ‘tip-toe’ – paw and pranced by.  Lots of dogs and quietly – strolling along with their owners.

A little girl just did a piroet and is in a light pink dress – her father carrying her pink bike over his shoulder – as she dances and spins.

I’m not seeing the MiddleEast population as I did in Paris.  It may be nonsensical, but it feels safer and more French.  There are Afrikans walking – not Middle-east or Asians.

This is a very calm environment.  A family just strolled by – two kids – mother holding toddler to her chest.  Father with one hand – pushing a small stroller – the little girl – with cotton short light brown coffee-coloured straight skirt and top, same material, square cut – top – a burnt orange – long hair held back with a barrett.  Absolutely lovely family – parents similarly relaxed posturing.

Oops – thye came back – peach top – deep rose dress piece.  Mother in white jeans- father in black jeans and t-shirt – stroller now has baby in it and brightly coloured, long scarf on top sunscreen – of carriage.

Not seeing many tourists – very few.


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Writer, Philosopher, Social Activist, College Lecturer, Former Assistant DA & Crimnal Defense Attorney. Living a life of thoughtful contemplation and thought-provoking ideas & dialogue.
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