MFA Boston. Pastels

Having just returned from France, visiting this Boston exhibit would be a bit of culture shift. One thing so evident, Americans are loud. Very!

In France, people us a hushed, lower voice to speak with each other. So, yikes, people “Inside voices!” Remember the low tone & volume of libraries -that!

Of course, Americans are also loud in libraries. It must be a new okay bit. I’d say generational, but I’m watching two old fart ladies in their fifties -and I can hear every word, all too distinctly, as they walk & critique each piece. Wowza! Even head shakes & finger pointing.

The positive is it’s not crowded. It’s also not hot, humid with oppressive no air venue. It’s quite computable. There’s benches to rest and take in the art. Ahhh-American sensibility.

The loud ones have passed by and so, I will continue my time with Pastels from the greats of another time.


About jkcosmos

Writer, Philosopher, Social Activist, College Lecturer, Former Assistant DA & Crimnal Defense Attorney. Living a life of thoughtful contemplation and thought-provoking ideas & dialogue.
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