Wandering –

June 7, 2018  #jkcosmos

My I-Phone battery ran out —it’s just past 1:00 and I found the most lush cafe. at end of Jardin Du Tuillierres.  It’s shady and not so busy, as to feel rushed.

Every point of view is phenomenal.  I’m facing the Louvre- which is a bit too far for me to actually see.  What do I see?

I see the green-garden, metal chairs that I know so well through pictures!

I see the back of the chairs, as they’re positioned to ‘see’ the view.

The people sitting, relaxing are under the shade of small, 30′-40′ perfectly shaped, lined-up trees.

Two of these trees frame the sunny view.  The manicured, lush green grass.  A lawn not too formal to dissuade children from running and playing on it.

Interspersed are gardens with delicate, wispy varieties of soft, pastel colours.  The flower beds are low and albeit ‘pretty’ not intrusive in the view or welcome.

People walking by relaxed.  Lots of people sitting, which surprises me.  Doesn’t anyone work?  Besides the waiters, that is?

I wish Peter and Phillip were with me.  This is so very lovely – and I’m alone. Not sure how I feel about that!  Sad – yes — a little.

To the left of the gardens are historic, architectually interesting buildings – all.  Fountains everwhere – mostly to my left.

To my right and a bit behind me seems to be neighborhood plots of land for vegetables. I actually stopped to rest there a bit – and yes, in a green metal chair.

There’s a dirt path abutting and runners – joggers dashing by.

The fountain I’m seeing is in the center of statues.  Since my I-Phone is out of juice; I really hope to return tomorrow for the visuals.


About jkcosmos

Writer, Philosopher, Social Activist, College Lecturer, Former Assistant DA & Crimnal Defense Attorney. Living a life of thoughtful contemplation and thought-provoking ideas & dialogue.
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